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Happy Life Village is very close to the coastal town of Dahab. Dahab, the pearl of the gulf, is situated between Sinai’s mountainous landscape and the Red Sea’s prestigious shoreline. Dahab, which means “Gold”, is named for the town’s spectacular beaches, sandy coastline, and its peaceful atmosphere.

Dahab is globally recognized as a splendid setting for windsurfing, owing to its natural atmosphere of reliable winds and flat water conditions in its sand spit. With its magnificent dive sites, Dahab is the city which will bring you closer to the thrilling diving experience of your dreams.

Dahab is famous for its spectacular diving sites such as the Blue Hole, the Canyon and the Lighthouse. These sites are challenging for both beginners and experienced divers. Happy Life Village is located at a walking distance from Golden Blocks and Triple Pools, which are very famous diving spots.

If you are not a diver, you do not have to miss out on seeing the underwater marvels. At Happy Life Village, enjoy the 175 meters width of beach of house reef. Snorkeling will also allow you to see the magnificent and stunning fish types.

Happy Life Village is working together with one of the best German Dive clubs, Lagona Divers, in order to manage its diving center. Lagona Divers offers variety of Diving courses and trips for beginners as well as for experienced divers at the best available rates.